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Airlines to fly


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I’m not exactly sure of the pay rates for all airlines. Most U.S. Global airlines are very close in pay rates because the unions always try to “One up” each other in contract rates during section 6 negotiations. All the other quality of life ; Retirement, scheduling, work rules, and scope provisions are worked out to match or slightly beat the latest airline peer contract. The “ Rewarding” part of your question is of course a subjective thing. What do you define as rewarding?


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Thank you for answering but another question is what airline would have the best benefits like free flight


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They all have free flights for employees. They are standby listings though. You learn how to look for the loads on the flights going where you want to go. You also get to fly standby on all the other airlines too.


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Fedex and UPS because they still have pensions.

If you are going after high pay, then consider the Middle East or China.


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Yen is from Japan. China official name is Renminbi but also called Yuan. ROE right now is 10USD = 64 Y or R, take your pic