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Pilot saying “Aaah” between sentences.


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I am new to this forum, so maybe someone already answered this issue.

In the 1960s, before Kelsey was out of diapers, the military, maybe civilians too, had voice-activated mikes. The pilot would say “Aah” to open the mike, or else the first word of every transmission would be lost. Same thing for the gaps between sentences.

R Blasier, USN (ret)


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I saw or heard an explanation recently, but don't remember if it was Kelsey's or someone else's.
The idea was that when you end a sentence and are 'composing' the next one someone may think you're done and jump into the gap. The "aah" (or "err") fills the gap, so others know you have more coming.

Or maybe they think they're pirates ...


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The pilot or SFO has a million things going through their mind, and stringing words together while figuring where you are on the checklist is a bit of a challenge.