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Show us your daily aviation life!


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Took a cool picture today as pilot, cabin crew, mechanic, mechanic or loadmaster? Show us!

Waiting for fuel.... Storm stopped ground ops for a short while.



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Hi, I don't have any picture, but let me make some comments on "daily aviation life" topic, Of course it depends of your airline but:

- Early mornings are usually hard, usually waking up 3:30am, coffe, 1 hour preparation at home and drive to the airport.
- In the good times w/o COVID was 10-12 hrs of hard working, now are less hours unfortunatelly.
- nice views, nice airports, challenging situations, and too much time sitting in the same chair.
- Back home around 17-18, happy with the job done and as you can imagine, really tired.
- Family time and sleep early, because tomorrow it's more or less the same with different airports, and new challenging situations. haha

Nice pictures by the way, Cargolux 747 are amazing. Life in Cargolux I've heard it's totally different due to their long haul operation. I work for a Short/Medium haul airline.


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Hey! Very nice 74 pictures!

From the side of a long haul guy..

Wake up:
Any time. Literally it just depends on which part of the world I'm going. Could be a 0300 departure, or a 0930 departure.
The day:
In the seat. Some of our flights are 14-16 hours long, and half of that time, you're in the seat watching the world go by. Plan your eating, and rest strategies the best you can. After some time, you will get good at it.
The layover:
We go to some good destinations, and some great destinations. Pre COVID, explorations was my thing, energy willing, of course. Our layover on the extra long haul stuff is at least two days, sometimes three. Food, people, and culture almost always made it worthwhile.
The Views:
That part of the job just keeps on giving. It is hard to keep up with the spectacular views we see on many of our flights. Sometimes we are flying over the Northern Himalaya mountains where the MOCA gets to 31600'! Other times we see atmospheric phenomenon that escapes our explanation.

A day in the life of the long haul pilot isn't for everyone, but it is my cup of tea!


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MOCA gets to 31600'!
That's great.

I'd be curious how I'd handle long haul stuff if I ever had the opportunity. As it is, if I had all my ratings and someone wanted to pay me the same amount that I'm currently making as a data engineer to fly freight on the backside of the clock, I'd totally do it.

But I'm thinking long haul is even more different than that.
I'm still just a student pilot, so my days are spent circling over the southwest of Ireland, but the view never gets boring.
This is Inchydoney beach in West Cork.