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Thread Intros!


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Well, it should be about time that this thread be activated! Why not start with some introductions for our fellow Ground Ops Crew?

I will start! My name is Joshua, I worked as a ground operations specialist at my local airport in Saint John, NB, Canada. I worked at the local FBO, which meant I dealt with all non-commercial traffic that was inbound to the airport. Throughout the summer 2019, I had done everything from marshalling, to refueling, I even did some dabbling into our local Search and Rescue unit! Now, being a small regional airport, we never saw anything as big as a 737 or A320, however I did get the opportunity to get up close and personal with some aircraft that I never thought I would get to see, let alone service! Some aircraft that I found unique that I go to service were the Dornier 328 (prop version, not the jet), Gulfstream G550, and finally, probably the sleekest aircraft ive ever seen, the Embraer Phenom 300 (funny story, for those of you who watch FlightChops, the aircraft had the reg. C-FWTF! If you know, you know!).

So now I leave this thread with my fellow ground ops crew members! Feel free to introduce yourself!


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Hey all, My name is Ethan I'm a team leader for FedEx at the Indy hub. My current specialty is deicing aircraft but I have had a few years of loading and unloading them as well. we work with C208's, ATR42 and the 72, 757, 767, Airbus 300's, MD10, MD11, and 777 aircraft. Its one of the more fun jobs I have had. I dont think I would trade ramp life unless I make it t the pilot side of the house.