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Two Air France pilots suspended over mid-flight fight in cockpit


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I'm curious about:
"The cabin crew was forced to intervene"
and from the BBC "Members of the cabin crew intervened after hearing the noise."

How did they get into the cockpit?
Or did they just bang on the door and shout "Nous pouvons vous entendre"? :)


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Must have been over the meal
I did wonder that. It would account for the cabin crew being on hand.
But Geneva to Paris is only 1h15m, so would they even fit a meal in? (I know Kelsey would but he's a bit strange with food :) )


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When sat in the cockpit seats with the centre console between it may be the only way to reach the other guy with any real impact.
They were in an A320 according to the BBC, so maybe @321Captain can advise ...
I guess that with the lap part of the seatbelts off you could get a few swings to connect, but if they were on, you would need to have Shaquille O’Neal length arms or a baguette to make contact.