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Viral Debrief Suggestion: 747 overrun at Halifax


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Hi Kelsey, I'm a humble Cessna 172 and Cherokee driver, and I love your channel! Here's a suggestion for a debrief: what happened when a cargo 747 overran the runway at Halifax (CYHZ) in 2018, when it was stopping to pick up a load of lobsters to take to China? Yes, an entire 747 load of lobsters! I'd heard 2 per day were taking nothing but lobster. In this case though, no lobsters were harmed. Which is good for me, being from Nova Scotia myself, I LOVE a nice fresh lobster! - Cheers, Sean Smith (Vancouver BC Canada)

Story here: https://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/runway-...-halifax-caused-by-many-factors-tsb-1.5490018